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Utah Injury Attorney

My name is Rex Bush. As a Utah Injury Attorney for over 25 years I’ve successfully handled over one thousand (1000) personal injury cases. I’ve created this site to share with you what I’ve learned.

Early in my career as a Utah Injury Attorney, a young, Air National Guardsman came to me with a badly broken wrist. While he was watching a softball game near the Salt Lake Airport, a gust of wind picked up a piece of plywood from land owned by the Federal Government. The wind carried that heavy plywood over a hundred feet and then dropped it on my young client.

Before coming to me he had visited a highly respected downtown attorney who told him the case was, at best, worth nuisance value of one thousand dollars. The attorney was experienced but not in Utah injury law.

In the law of “Torts”, injuries caused by nature are known as “Acts of God”. “Torts” defines our rights not to be injured by others. Was this an Act of God? Not if it could have been predicted, says Utah Tort legal authority.

Research obtained from the National Weather Service showed gusts of wind like this one were common at the location in question. Therefore, the Federal Government should have taken precautions to keep the plywood tied down.

The result: a very successful settlement…a result contrary to that predicted by the downtown attorney.

This story illustrates several things to keep in mind when hiring a lawyer:

  • 1. There are different kinds of attorneys. If you use your divorce attorney for your injury case, the results might not be great. Sure, he is an outstanding divorce attorney, but that’s because it’s his strength. It’s where he spends his time. Choose an attorney whose primary focus is Utah injury law and you’ll benefit from his experience and enthusiasm for the subject matter.

  • 2. An attorney can have a lot of experience but if it’s not in Utah injury law it does you no good. If he spent 20 years drafting wills, that experience simply won’t carry over into the personal injury field. I recommend you find an attorney who has at least five years experience in personal injury work.

  • 3. If one attorney doesn’t like your case try another. Don’t give up at the first rejection. We’ve all had the experience of turning down a case and having another attorney take it and make money on it.

  • 4. Looking at a case from different angles to try to make it work can pay off big. Knowing the case thoroughly is invaluable as are research and creativity.


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