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Protecting Your Claim For A Personal Injury In Utah

Take Notes About Your Personal Injury in Utah Claim

Two important issues emerge in any accident or injury claim:

  • What happened?

  • What injury or damage resulted?

As time passes, memories fade. By writing things down you can later refresh your memory. If you are unable to write due to injuries or medical treatment, ask a loved one or close friend to help you write down details concerning your personal injury in Utah.

Take Notes About Your Personal Injury in Utah

  • What exactly happened before, during, and after the accident causing personal injury in Utah.

  • Time and place of the accident causing your personal injury in Utah.

  • Weather conditions.

  • Was anyone with you? Who else was present?

  • Name, address and phone numbers of witnesses of the accident that caused your personal injury in Utah.

  • What each witness said.

  • How the accident happened--in sequence--in your own words.

  • What you experienced: be sure to distinguish between what you actually perceived and what you filled in with your imagination; juries like to hear facts and skillful defense attorneys are good at discrediting people who make things up.

  • What you felt, this applies in particular to pain and other sensations associated with injuries.

  • Anything else that you feel may be important to record about your personal injury in Utah.

Take Notes About the Effects Your Personal Injury in Utah Has Had on Your Life

  • What injuries you suffered from your personal injury in Utah.

  • Medical treatment you received: names and addresses of doctors and when you saw them.

  • Future medical treatment recommended by your doctors.

  • Effects of your injuries on every aspect of your life.

  • Time missed from work.

  • Any planned activities (vacations, school, work etc.) that were postponed or canceled.

  • The effects that your injuries have had on your close family relationships (especially your relationship with your spouse or significant other).                                                                                     

Take Notes Throughout the Personal Injury in Utah Claims Process

As your personal injury in Utah claim progresses, take notes after any conversations with your insurance company, medical care providers, witnesses to the incident, and anyone else with whom you discuss important aspects of your case.

As always write down each person's name and contact information, the date and place of the conversation, and as much as you can remember about what was said.

It is especially important to write down all details of a visit to a doctor hired by an insurance company. Insurance companies usually hire doctors who will tell them what they want to hear.

Such doctors often lack integrity. They may tell you one thing and the insurance company another. Best to bring a relative or close friend along, or have a tape recorder in your purse.

Always pause after such a visit to record details of the so-called "Independent Medical Examination": How long did it take? What tests were performed? What parts of your body were examined? What did the doctor tell you?

By following these suggestions you will greatly assist and protect your personal injury in Utah claim.

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