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Should You Be Your Own Auto Accident Attorney in Utah?

Saving money by representing yourself instead of hiring an accident attorney in Utah sounds like a good idea.

If you think that you have a valid case and want to bypass hiring an accident attorney in Utah, please make sure you are aware of the fine print in all claims and settlements.

Handling your own Utah auto accident case without the help of a accident attorney can be tricky.

There are a myriad of places where you can go wrong. Here are two.

Two Places You Can Go Wrong While Being Your Own Accident Attorney in Utah

One place you can go wrong is your underinsured motorist coverage. Here’s the catch: most underinsured motorist policies say you have to get consent before settling with the other guy or you give up your right to this money.

If you are not using an accident attorney in Utah, another place you can go wrong is with respect to money deducted from the settlement as reimbursement for PIP(Personal Injury Protection) payments paid on your behalf.

If you obtain a policy limits offer from the at-fault driver's insurance and your injuries are serious and you ask your own insurance to waive its right to PIP reimbursement they will do so.


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